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Your source for lessons adapted specifically for the Literacy & Learning Centers model

Learning centers (often known as "rotations") are common in many primary level classrooms. But intermediate, middle and high school teachers have unique challenges, so Dr. Katherine McKnight has developed collaborative learning centers designed specifically for grade 4-12 learners.

Imagine your classroom as an interactive, collaborative meeting space where learning thrives. Your students actively and willingly participate in activities that develop content area knowledge and literacy skills simultaneously. You facilitate learning and cover more content in less time.

Tools, downloads, and strategies for educators

The Engaging Learners website is your source for lessons that have been specifically adapted to the Literacy & Learning Center model. Here you’ll find:

  • Sample mini-lessons for large group instruction
  • Tools and activities for the foundational centers
    • Reading Together
    • Vocabulary
    • Writer’s Craft
    • Teacher-led
  • Tools and activities for the supplemental centers
    • Grammar
    • Speaking & Listening
    • Creative Learning
  • Tips for creating your own teacher-led mini lessons and center activities
  • Literacy & Learning Center planning templates

What is the Literacy & Learning Center model?

A Literacy & Learning Center cycle:

  • Consists of a mini-lesson, guided practices, and centers
  • Is built to develop clearly articulated learning goals and specific content knowledge
  • Provides students plenty of individual and small group practice time
  • Works in conjunction with gradual release of responsibility
  • Allows students to make choices
  • Integrates formative assessment and individual attention into daily routine

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Why implement centers in the grade 4-12 classroom?

Because they work!

Katie has a 100% success rate in achieving academic gains with her unique centers-based approach.

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