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Improving student growth, performance,
and success.

Professional Development

“We have been on a short but steep improvement trajectory over the past three years, thanks in part to your learning center strategies and a curriculum that is well-aligned to the performance expectations of our students. I seriously told my superintendent not to be surprised if the State Department of Ed investigated us for cheating on the state testing because I have NEVER witnessed double-digit jumps in proficiency from year to year as we have experienced here.”
– David Powers | Principal,
Schoolcraft Middle School, MI

Literacy &
Learning Centers

resources to
help your students

“Once I started implementing Literacy & Learning Centers in my middle school science class, my students started becoming more engaged, showed immense growth and overall started to deepen their understanding of content!”
– Cindy Nelson | Science teacher, Center for Educational Excellence,
Tempe, AZ
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The Engaging Learners team, led by Dr. Katherine McKnight, is comprised of outstanding presenters, coaches, and professional development leaders, all experts in their fields and dedicated to the Engaging Learners mission:

To provide educators with the tools they need to prepare all grade 4-12 learners for reading, writing, and comprehension – in the classroom and beyond.

With Engaging Learners:

  • You don’t buy a program; you acquire tools for self-sustaining improvement.
  • You don’t stifle innovation; you empower your teachers.
  • You don’t hope for results; you get two years of measured academic growth in just one year!

Self-sustaining improvement means your students will continue to demonstrate impressive academic growth – and your teachers will be invited to receive ongoing support – long after professional development has concluded.


Engaging Learners professional development gives your teachers and administrators practical tools and strategies so that they can effectively reach ALL learners.


Not one-size-fits-all! We work with you to create a literacy plan that will address your school’s unique challenges. From one-time onsite presentations to long-term, hands-on support - Engaging Learners does what’s best for you, your community, and your students.

Collaborative Guidance

Experienced leaders are available to work directly with your team as you implement and develop powerful practices, coordinate effective assessments, adjust rigor, and create positive professional learning communities in your school.

Engaging Learners works with