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Engaging Learners offers FREE real-time webinars a few times every year.

They’re a great way to brush up on skills you’ve learned at our conference presentations or at your school, to explore new ideas, or to get to know our presenters.

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Growth mindset and literacy success K-12

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Learning target, proficiency scales – steps toward standard/skills based grading K-12

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Intro to Literacy and Learning Centers 4-8

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About live webinars

All you need is an internet connection and a device with sound – like a computer, laptop, tablet or phone. If this is your first webinar, you might want to go to the GoToWebinar help page to watch the Attendee Quick Start video (care.citrixonline.com/gotowebinar) before you start. That way you'll know what to expect. We'll email all registrants the webinar link and an access code a few days before the webinar.

Late registrants will receive their link and code as soon as we can process registrations! Please register in advance if possible.

Joining a live webinar is really easy, but don't panic if you fumble a bit and can't "get in" – you'll receive a emailed link so you can watch the webinar later if something goes wrong with your connection.


Two Literacy Ladies Podcast

Two LIT(eracy) Ladies Podcast

This lively education podcast features two Engaging Learners presenters, both experts in the field of adolescent literacy: Dr. Katherine McKnight and Deanna Gallagher. Their combined classroom experience and passion for education shines through in this entertaining and informational podcast. Listen for exciting guest speakers and the latest in research-based ideas that will help you attain literacy success in every student. Subscribe on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts.

FREE On-Demand Recordings of recent
Two LIT(eracy) Ladies Podcast Episodes:

Warning, This Could Get Graphic!

What graphic novels are, and how can we use these texts in reading, with special guest Jenn Marshall of Au Radio: The Gold Standard of Comics, SciFi, Horror & Pop Culture Podcast.

STREAM. . . don't forget that R!

STEAM plus R equals STREAM! Katie and Deanna discuss the role of reading in STEM and STEAM curriculum, present their argument and propose an educational movement! You don't want to miss this one.

How literacy has changed and MORE with
Dr. Danny Brassell

Katie and Deanna are joined by special guest Dr. Danny Brassell. Danny is an internationally known reading expert, speaker, author and teacher. His work is practical and focused on closing the achievement gap! They discuss changes in literacy and literacy instruction, keeping the joy in learning and more!

Adolescent Brain and Literacy

Katie and Deanna discuss the ins and outs of adolescent brain development in relationship to literacy skills.

Encouraging Teen Literacy at Home

Katherine McKnight and Deanna Gallagher’s combined classroom experience and passion for education shines through in this entertaining and informational podcast. It’s perfect for parents, guardians, after-school leaders, anyone who works with teens!

Growth Mindset and Literacy Success

Katie and Deanna welcome special guest Dr. Richard Cash to discuss Growth Mindset, The Four Stages of Self-Regulation and how both ideas relate to Literacy Success!

For more on Katie, Deanna and the Engaging Learners team head to engaginglearners.com. For more of Dr. Cash's work, head to nrich.consulting.com.