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The power of dynamic learning

All over the country, students benefit when their teachers use Engaging Learners’ dynamic literacy and learning strategies. Our team’s engaging presentation style ensures that fellow educators will understand even the most academic explanations and will leave each professional development session with tools they’re comfortable using in their classrooms the very next day. And with our ongoing, in-school experience, we offer more than just another expert opinion – we have classroom credibility!

You want to do one or more:

Dynamic Learning

  • Improve student literacy at the classroom level
  • Create a school-wide literacy plan
  • Find better assessment techniques
  • Inspire growth mindset for students and teachers
  • Differentiate instruction
  • Develop a rigorous, standards-aligned curriculum
  • Explore interdisciplinary literacy (including the math-literacy connection!)
  • Involve parents and community in student literacy

Reach out for a free Engaging Learners consultation to explore:

Dynamic Learning

  • Onsite professional development
    • 1-day and 2-day workshops
    • short-term ongoing collaborative guidance
    • long-term ongoing collaborative guidance
  • Remote teacher support and customized webinars
  • Online support tools for implementing the Literacy & Learning Center model
  • Budget considerations and grant writing

Engage with Engaging Learners and:

Dynamic Learning

  • Record impressive student literacy gains
  • Turn your school into a collaborative learning environment
  • Use evaluation strategies that effectively communicate student growth, meaningfully develop student skills, and foster student empowerment
  • Improve learning in all the content areas
  • Close the achievement gap in your school and in your community
Movement and Active Learning

3-Step Plan for Success
Yes…And: Improv in the Classroom
Literacy & Learning Centers
Curriculum/Standards Alignment
Competency-Based Assessment
Differentiated Instruction

Engaging Learners offers professional development on a wide variety of topics, and provides practical, classroom tested strategies for advancing K-12 literacy in every school. Administrators trust us, teachers love us, and student achievement soars.

Professional Focus

Our presenters' research and professional focus includes: inclusive classrooms, using multimodal instruction strategies, interdisciplinary literacy, the math-literacy connection, differentiated instruction, growth mindset, gifted learning, administration and teacher support, curriculum development and standards alignment, and grant writing – all with a focus on closing the student achievement gap.

Innovative. Creative. Enthusiastic. Supportive.

– Libby Perry, Literacy educator for Success Intervention Program,
Anderson, IN

Professional Development into Community Development

Professional development can be as simple as a one-day presentation/workshop to inspire faculty and support them as they learn to implement new, effective, and research-based classroom strategies. Or it can be as extensive as multi-year,on-going collaborative guidance for an entire school district including: development of professional learning communities; creation of student-centered classrooms and schools; and generating assessments that motivate, support, and nurture all learners. The Engaging Learners team is also experienced in interfacing with parents, turning professional development into community development!

On-going Collaborative Guidance

On-going Collaborative Guidance

School-wide Literacy Plans, K-12

Engaging Learners will provide on-going collaborative guidance as you merge student literacy growth, content knowledge acquisition, and self-regulation development throughout your entire school or district – all while supporting teachers as they evolve into members of vibrant Professional Learning Communities.

Your Classroom as an Interactive

Your Classroom as an Interactive
Learning Space

Literacy & Learning Centers, 4-12

Introduce these collaborative learning centers, designed specifically for grade 4-12 learners, to any classroom – even math and PE. Cover more content in less time, boost literacy development, and give individual attention to every student. We have a 100% success rate in achieving academic gains with this unique approach.

Discover Evaluation Strategies

Discover Evaluation Strategies That
Motivate and Inspire

Standards- & Skills-based Assessment, K-12

Learn assessment creation techniques that align to the skills that students need to master. Discover evaluation strategies that motivate and inspire while clearly communicating with parents, administrators, your fellow teachers, and the students themselves.

The Power of Improv and Active Learning

The Power of Improv and Active Learning

YES … AND for the Classroom, K-12

Research indicates the value of using kinesthetic, creative, and improvisational activities to develop academic and content-specific vocabulary, language skills, content knowledge, growth mindset, and self-regulation. The evidence is clear: students have to move to really engage in learning!

Engaging Learners Brochures


For more information download our brochures below.

Engaging Learners 3-Step Plan

Support your teachers as they prepare grade 4-12 students for college and career. Where are you in the process? We can join you at any step along your journey.

Onsite Professional Development, Steps 1, 2 & 3

Learn about some of our most popular PD topics, from one-time presentations to long-term, collaborative guidance. Empowering teachers to reach all students, that's what we do.

Balanced Literacy Plan, Step 1

Embodying research and evidence-based practices, the plan empowers grades Pre K-12 teachers to prepare and implement best practices in literacy development.

Literacy & Learning Centers, Step 2

Discover collaborative learning centers, designed specifically for grade 4-12 learners. We have a 100% success rate in achieving academic gains with this unique approach.

Yes... And for the Classroom, Step 2

Improvisation is an ideal pedagogical strategy. It builds growth mindset and promotes literacy skill development because it encourages creation, analysis, and interpretation of text.

Balanced Literacy: Read Aloud/Think Aloud, Step 2

Readers of all ages reap benefits from listening to a fluent adult read. This resource is designed to support your transition to a Balanced Literacy instructional approach.

Standards/Skills Based Grading, Step 3

Let our experts review and revise your existing proficiency scales, create customized proficiency scales , evaluate content alignment, and establish on-going teacher support.

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