Engaging Learners On-site

On-site Empowering your teachers to reach all students and achieve measurable results.

From in-service day presentations to long-term collaborative guidance

Throughout the year, members of the Engaging Learners team travel to schools around the nation, where they teach administrators, teachers and parents about the power of literacy and differentiated instruction.

To prepare for these visits, we work with school leadership to create customized professional development that will address their unique challenges.


So whether you’re looking for a 1-day presentation, a hands-on workshop, week-long curriculum development assistance, intensive team-building, or ongoing collaborative guidance, Engaging Learners PD leaders don’t just share their expertise in the latest research-based methods. Instead, teachers and staff walk away from each session with implementable strategies and tools that can be used in their own classrooms the very next day. And most importantly, your teachers will be empowered to reach all students and make real and lasting change in their literacy, their community, and their future.

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