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The Challenges are Real…

You don’t have enough time to cover your content standards, and now you’re expected to teach literacy skills as well.

Content-area instruction is complex, requiring in-depth analysis, yet adolescent students are distracted and unable to focus.

No matter how interestingly you present the content, the students rarely seem authentically and proactively engaged.

You don’t love the lecture format, but you have so much material it seems like the only way to cover it all.

The Solution...

Collaborative Literacy & Learning Centers
designed specifically for grade 4-12 learners

Imagine your classroom as an interactive, collaborative meeting space where learning thrives. Your students actively and willingly participate in activities that develop content area knowledge and literacy skills simultaneously. You facilitate learning and cover more content in less time.

Benefits of centers in the grade 4-12 classroom:

  • Help students focus with short, specific tasks that are developmentally appropriate
  • Increase engagement with peer-to-peer learning
  • Cover more content and skill development in less time
  • Devote more attention and personalized instruction to students who need it
  • Create a collaborative classroom community
  • Avoid discipline problems with self-directed activities that provide the independence they crave with the guidance they need
  • Capitalize on the adolescent’s need to be right with evidence-based argumentation projects
  • Relate to your class in a more natural, authentic way as facilitator instead of lecturer

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Dr. McKnight is an author, educator and consultant. Her career in education began as a high school English teacher in the Chicago Public School system more than 25 years ago. She received her B.A. degree from George Washington University, her M.Ed. from Northeastern Illinois University, and her Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She currently serves as a Distinguished Professor of Research at National Louis University. She travels worldwide as a professional development consultant and a sought after speaker in the fields of adolescent literacy, inclusive classrooms, Common Core State Standards, Interdisciplinary literacy, and integrating technology in the 21st century classroom.

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Why implement centers in the grade 4-12 classroom?

Because they work!

Katie has a 100% success rate in achieving academic gains with her unique centers-based approach.

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