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It’s easy to find online ideas and teaching advice – but very little of it is ready for practical application in your classroom. So when the Engaging Learners team offers free stuff, we make sure it’s really going to be useful. Scroll down to enjoy recorded podcasts, archived webinars, ebooks, and even a trial subscription to the Literacy & Learning Center Resources. All for FREE!

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Engaging Learners is committed to providing you the tools you need to prepare all grade 4-12 learners for reading, writing, and comprehension – in the classroom and beyond.

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Two Literacy Podcast

Two LIT(eracy) Ladies Podcast

This lively education podcast features two Engaging Learners presenters, both experts in the field of adolescent literacy: Dr. Katherine McKnight and Deanna Gallagher. Their combined classroom experience and passion for education shines through in this entertaining and informational podcast. Listen for exciting guest speakers and the latest in research-based ideas that will help you attain literacy success in every student. Subscribe on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts.

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