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Literacy & Learning Centers Resources FAQ

Engaging learners offers a special subscription-based resource for tools, tips, and classroom activities - all specifically adapted for the Literacy & Learning Centers model. Subscribers' most frequently asked questions are answered here.

You can download the tools of your choice, then view and print the PDFs from your own device. If an activity has an affiliated graphic organizer or student handout, you can download and print the Teacher Copy (the full activity including the student portion) or just the Student Copy (the student portion of the activity only). To save a favorite activity so it will be easy to find the next time you log into your account, just click Add to My Favorites.

Most of the tools are center activities that you can use in your Literacy & Learning Center classroom. But there are also downloadable resources, teacher tips, links to webinars, reading lists, and even ideas for posters. Take some time and explore the site; you're bound to find useful materials. And remember, new tools are added every week so you'll want to check back often.

The Teacher Copy is a copy of a full Literacy & Learning Center activity (including a description, all instructions, tips for implementation, and student handouts), a teacher tip, or resource. A Student Copy is a printable graphic organizer or handout that is associated with a specific activity. Not all activities require student to use graphic organizers or handouts, so they don't all have associated downloadable student copies.

When appropriate, each tool is tagged with a relevant word or phrase connecting it to its common core state standards. For example, a Writer's Center activity with the tag "Task/purpose/audience" would correlate to W.CCR.4. A Speak & Listen Center activity with the tag "Conversation" would correlate to SL.CCR.1. Note that not all tools are affiliated with CCSS. The tools also include teacher tips, teacher resources, center planning tools, and creative learning activities.

Most of the tools are easily adapted to the content areas. I've seen these activities used in history classes, science classes, math classes, and even PE! In some cases I've taken the time to add examples of prompts or student samples specifically to inspire content area teachers. If you want to see these activities, enter the terms mathematics, science, or social studies in the search field.

The goal of this website is to provide everything you need to get started with and use the Literacy & Learning Center model in your very own classroom. Begin by reading the information under the Center Planning tab. Watch the Teacher Tip videos at the bottom of that page. Then search for the tool Webinar - Introduction to Literacy & Learning Centers, and listen to the webinar. I advise teachers to start small, adding a limited number of centers one or two days a week. Then, as students get comfortable with the procedures and teachers get comfortable with their new role as facilitator, add more.

I would be happy to come to your school to offer professional development. For information on professional development with me, Katie McKnight, email my assistant at [email protected]. Or you can call the Engaging Learners office at (312) 576-8222. Your call will be returned within 48 hours.

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You bet I do! I created this website for you, so please don't be shy about telling me what's working in your classroom, what's not working, and what I can do to make this Literacy & Learning Centers Resources website even better. Send an email to my assistant at [email protected]. I spend a lot of time on the road, visiting schools, working with teachers and their students, and presenting at conferences. Elaine always knows how to reach me and she'll make sure I get your message. Or you can call the Engaging Learners office at (312) 576-8222 and speak to one of us in person.

Of course! Just send an email to my assistant at [email protected]. Or you can call the Engaging Learners office at (312) 576-8222. Your call will be returned within 48 hours. We want to help you get the most out of your Literacy & Learning Centers Resources subscription!